Company/Band of the Sacrificial Goose

Houston we have a large army inbound.

They discuss how to make traps.
Tozcan thinks he found the blob that’s following Volunar. He thinks it’s a bad thing to use the blob because it could get waay too big.
Volunar begins to sense a second group coming in behind the 150 person scouting party. one.
They keep talking.
Volunar senses the number growing … it’s far more than 3000.
Tozcan wants to run away.
Tozcan is really from a military family and was a commander and was trained for special ops.
Tozcan pushes for honesty in the group.
Tanth and Vol go a ways away and start a communication ritual.
Upon communicating with Bahamut, Tanth gets the power to sense entities and is able to hear Bahamut’s voice clearly now. Bahamut tells Tanth and Vol that the army is led by an extremely powerful/evil/insane dragon. His name is Dhourgin. His ancestor had a magical item that opened a portal to the elemental abyss. His ancestor opened this and demons came pouring out and so the dragons and dragonborn all united in an unheard of alliance to repel the horde and close the gate and defeat the dragon.
The item that opented the portal disappeared for a long time. Dhourgin wants the item to open the portal. There is a wizard in the nearby town and he’s powerful and has the item. He knows the army and the dragon is after him. However he has grown lax and doesn’t realize the army is coming. Bahamut wants us to go and warn the wizard about the coming army and the Dragon leading it.
Talin is the wizard’s name.
They’re walking as they talk.
Mori is chosen as leader. We have a group therapy session. We introduce ourselves and our abilities.
Fist of Bahamut
Volunar carries an unconscious Tozcan for one round.
Battle! Tanthrataur is used as bait … again.
5 Goblins on 5 nasty mounts. 2 Fighters, 2 archers, 1 leader. They surround Tanthrataur and dismount.
Tanthrataur charges and deals 9 damage to the leader. 24-9=15. Leader is now prone. -Volunar Casts magic missile and hits the second archer for 2 points of damage. 14-2=12.
Valee uses Lance of Faith and hits the leader while he’s down 15-7=8. Leader is now bloodied. Tanthrataur gets +2 to his next attack on the leader. Valee gets a +1 to savings throws or her next attack roll.
*Mori shoot his crossbow at Fighter 2 and deals 4 damage. 15-4=11. But the bolt is still there!
*Tozcan does a sneak attack and a Sly Flourish against Fighter 2 and deals 15 damage. 11-15=14. Fighter 2 falls over and dies.
*Volunar attacks Archer 2 with magic missile and deals 8 damage. 12-8=4. Archer 2 is bloodied.
*Valee does a ranged attack to Archer 1 using sacred flame dealing 9 damage. 13-9=4. She gives +4 hit points to Tozcan until the end of Tozcan’s next turn.
*Fighter one misses his attack on Tanthrataur.
*Tanthrataur divine challenges Fighter One and hits for 17 points of damage. 21-17=4. Bloodied.
*Mori attacks Archer 2 with his crossbow and hits him for 9 damage. 4-9=-5. Archer 2 is dead.
*Leader stands up, pulls out a spherical device and turns the top half and throws it back up the road.
*Tozcan grabs fighter 2 and brings him to Valee.
*Archer 1 shoots his bow at Tanthratuar dealing 4 damage. 35-4=31.
*Volunar casts magic missile and hits archer 1 for 3 damage. 4-3=1.
*Valee casts heal on Fighter 2 and brings him to a stable condition of 5 hit points total.
She also used channel divinity and hits Archer 1 for 2 hit points. 1-2=-1. Archier 1 is dead.
*Fighter 1 hits Tanthrataur for 4 damage. 31-4=27.
*Tanthrataur attacks Fighter 1 and misses.
*Mori attacks the leader with his crossbow and misses, then tells people to run to the town, teleports 30ft towards the town and starts running towards the town.
*Leader runs toward the device. A portal opens up next to the device.
*Tozcan kicks Fighter 2 in the face … killing him … again. 5-6=-1.
*Volunar runs towards the device and casts magic missile, and explodes the device.
*Valee chases the Leader and attacks him with Lance of Faith, and destroys a helpless sapling.
*Fighter 1 attacks Tanthrataur, dealing 5 damage. 27-5=22.
*Tanthrataur says “Now you’ve made me really angry!” and attacks, dealing 11 damage. 4-11=7.
*Mori exits stage left.
*Leader attacks Volunar and misses.
*Tozcan yells to Mori and Tanthrataur "They’re still fighting the ^%
&#$^% soldiers."
Tozcan attacks the Leader and misses with his crossbow.
*Volunar casts magic missile at leader and hit for 3 points of damage. 15-3=12.
*Valee casts Lance of Faith and hits for 6 points of damage. 12-6=6. She also gives +2 to attack roles for his next turn.
*Tanthrataur throws his hammer and critically hits, dealing 11 damage. 6-11=-5. He is bleeding quietly.
****Battle Ends
Mori comes and chews Volunar out for disobeying orders.
Volunar and he come to an understanding.

Tanthrataur carries the Unconscious leader towards the town.
The groups heads towards the town.
It’s around 6:00am right now.

EXP Gained
Combat:1050→210 Each
Mori Runya – Zack
200 Setting Up the Ambush
+150 Set Up Leadership
+100 Chewed Out Volunar
+150 Natural Born Leader
Valee – Rose
100 Staying in Char
+150 Needless Healing
+100 Timely Reminders
+150 Backstory prying
Tozcan – Nefi
50 Kicking While they’re down.
+100 Character Coming Out.
+400 Race Research.
+150 Set Up Leadership
Tanthratour – Adam
100 Quick Wit
+100 Bait
+200 Fist of Bahamut
+100 Obeying Orders
Volunar – John
+400 Set Up the Fight
+100 Army is bigger now
+100 Disobeying Orders



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